Being a leader in automotive detailing, Patwa’s Car Care offers the highest quality shine and nano ceramic coating for vehicles of all segments. If infusing life into an old vehicle or making a new one shine brighter is something you are interested in, you’ve landed at just the perfect place. Patwa’s Car Care is a globally recognized auto detailing company with its headquarters in Mumbai. With industry-leading standards, Patwa’s Car Care specializes in vehicle restoration & paint protection services by making use of the frontline nanotech coatings developed and tested in the US. Premium services, great customer service, friendly employees, and a perfectly detailed vehicle, are what you can expect when you visit any of our locations. Offering everything from the basic exterior wash to a complete detailed job inside and out, we have something for everyone. We understand our customers, and more specifically, the connection that our customers have with their vehicles, That is why we lay more emphasis on attaining our results with extreme care and consciousness, and that too keeping the originality intact through harmless nano-technology.



Since 2000

We have delivered the best quality vehicle gloss and nano ceramic coating for more than 6 years now.


02 Studios

Our brand is trusted and invested in by automobile enthusiasts and entrepreneurs in Mumbai.


Free Demonstration

You can contact us anytime to get a detailed demonstration and that too free.


Trained Professionals

Our detailing services are executed by a team of highly trained and experienced detailing professionals.


Flexible Packages

We offer packages that can be modified as per our customers’ and their vehicles’ requirements.



We’re fully transparent with our services. Our customers can witness the entire detailing process of their vehicles.


24/7 Support

We’re available 24×7 for customers’ detailing-related queries and further support.


After Sales Support

We are always available to take care of our valued customers even after they have availed our services.


Affordability Factor

Our prices are reasonable, inexpensive, and superb. They are within most people’s budget.