About Protection

Everyone likes a new and shiny ride when it comes out fresh from a showroom but as it ages, a variety of harmful external elements such as sunlight, rain, dust, dirt, etc. decrease its beauty and make you wish for a new vehicle. But it’s not needed at all as our premium and top-quality protection services restore a vehicle to its original finish and make it stand out from other vehicles on the road. It adds more shine, elegance, and class to your vehicle and makes you want to ride it more and more as you get a feeling of a new purchase every time you ride it.

Protection provided by Patwaauto offers numerous benefits, including financial security, peace of mind, coverage for unexpected accidents, legal assistance, and safeguarding your investment in your vehicle, ensuring you can drive confidently without worrying about unforeseen expenses.

Benefits of Protection

  • It restores the vehicle to its original, shiny finish.
  • It reveals the true beauty of your ride’s surface.
  • It protects the vehicle from harmful UV rays.
  • Shields the surface against chemical stains.
  • Makes the surface of the vehicle highly hydrophobic i.e. super easy to clean.

Exterior Protection

Our exterior protection service includes restoring the exterior of the vehicle to its original shiny finish. In this service, we include restoring the surface of the vehicle, the wheels, tires, windshield, and more so that not only you but your ride too can make a bold statement with its new avatar.

This is done through our high-quality and specialized processes and products that bring the best out of a ride’s appearance and keep it shiny, beautiful, and protected for years to come.

The life of a vehicle’s beauty doesn’t have to end with its age. In fact, with our exterior protection service, we make sure the older a vehicle is the better as this service makes an old vehicle appear even better and shiny than a brand new from the factory.

Whenever you think about selling your old love, think again as this service can make you keep your ride for even a longer time than expected. Exterior protection often involves the application of specialized materials, such as sealants, paints, or coatings, that create a barrier between the exterior surface and the elements. It plays a crucial role in extending the lifespan and aesthetic appeal of objects, ensuring they withstand harsh weather conditions and daily wear and tear.

Interior Protection

No matter how shiny and attractive you seem from the outside, how good you are from the inside is what matters the most. The same is the case with your car as a dirty interior can ruin your impression in front of anybody no matter how great it looks from the outside.

Our interior protection service includes restoring whatever lies inside the car i.e. the dashboard, steering, seats, fabric, leather, etc.

Just like the exterior protection service, these are also done through a set of premium and highly effective processes and products that upgrade the look of your ride like no other.

Your personality is as good as you keep and maintain your ride’s interior. Make sure it’s top-notch with Nano Trim Armor’s exclusive interior-enhancing coating. Trust your trip and experience will never be the same.

Exterior protection refers to a set of measures and products designed to safeguard the exterior surfaces of various objects, primarily buildings and vehicles, from environmental elements and wear. This encompasses a wide range of strategies, including paint and coating applications, sealants, weatherproofing, and rust inhibitors.